Jessica Hägg
Design & Art Direction

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Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California. 

Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California.

Animal Experiences on Airbnb: Introducing a New Way to Meet Them

Designing and launching a new category to connect travelers with animal experiences around the world

Role: Senior Art Director
In-House: Airbnb
As the Senior Art Director, I led the design and art direction for the launch of the Animal Experiences category on Airbnb, an integrated campaign that balanced playfulness with responsible interaction. The campaign focused on activities offered by local hosts that allowed travelers to connect with places and cultures through unique animal-centric experiences.

Our core creative team developed a captivating visual language for the brand, product, social, and out-of-home (OOH) campaigns, ensuring a consistent and appealing message across all platforms. We embraced the challenge of creating a memorable and engaging campaign while emphasizing responsible interaction with animals, ultimately positioning Airbnb as a pioneer in catering to niche subcultures and interests.