Jessica Hägg
Design & Art Direction

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Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California. 

Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California.

Netflix x Squarespace: Launching John McEnroe’s New VO Career

Crafting the campaign identity for a dynamic collaboration between two industry giants

Role: Senior Brand Designer
In-House: Squarespace
In a groundbreaking partnership between Netflix and Squarespace, I took on the role of Design Lead to feature John McEnroe, the unexpected voice of the hit Netflix show Never Have I Ever. Our creative team designed a portfolio site for McEnroe that highlighted his auditions and showcased his exclusive merchandise line, embracing his new persona as the voice of literally everything else.

To promote his work, we executed a bold and eye-catching out-of-home (OOH) takeover of Moynihan Train Station in New York City. This ambitious project not only demonstrated the versatility of Squarespace's platform but also showcased our ability to create innovative and engaging campaigns that capture the essence of a unique collaboration between seemingly unrelated brands.

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