Jessica Hägg

Selected works — 
  1. Airbnb Experiences
  2. October
  3. Year in Music
  4. Found Them First
  5. Inside Discovery
  6. Wall Street Journal
  7. Twitter Careers

About me —

I’m a Swedish Brand and Interactive Designer at Airbnb in San Francisco. I previously worked at Stink Studios NYC, Futurniture Stockholm, and studied at Hyper Island in Karlskrona.


Role Designer/Art Director

           In partnership with Pitchfork, I together with a small team at Stink Studios created October, a brand and digital magazine bringing the craft brewing to a wider audience. Together with our Creative Director, I lead the branding and design of the publication. We decided to take an untraditional approach to both the branding and the layout of the site to turn what people think about craft beer on its head.

I settled on an elegant and minimalist style that stood out from the established aesthetic of the category with a fresh color palette, refined typography, and progressive layouts. We collaborated with an amazing illustrator, Dan Savage, to create a unique icon system, adding a touch to an otherwise clean site and bringing some lightness to the review system.

With articles as the backbone of the site, we knew that most of our traffic would come from social promotion of individual posts, making the homepage less important. Instead of starting there and designing back to the articles, we built a unique funneled experience with tabs and infinite scroll that also supported our clients’ ambitious traffic goals.

The brand has since it launched not only lived on as a digital publication but is now also a physical celebration in the form of a festival, hosted by the Pitchfork team in collaboration with October.

Visit it here —