Jessica Hägg
Design & Art Direction

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Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California. 

Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California.

Pitchfork’s Editorial Beer Platform: October—Falling for Beer

Launching Pitchfork's new editorial platform dedicated to the world of craft beer, and developing its brand identity and editorial strategy

Role: Senior Designer
Agency: Stink Studios
As the Senior Designer, I worked alongside our Creative Director to challenge the conventions of craft beer culture and redefine Pitchfork's digital magazine. We opted for an untraditional approach to both branding and layout, seeking to make a statement in the industry and turn preconceived notions of craft beer on their head.

Our team developed an elegant and minimalist design, complete with a fresh color palette, refined typography, and progressive layouts that stood out from the established aesthetic of the category. The result was a visually striking digital publication that not only celebrated craft beer culture but also set a new benchmark for design excellence within the industry.