Squarespace Instagram

Social Content—2020/21

Role: Senior Brand Designer
Responsibilities: Concepts, art direction, design 

Ongoing creative work for Squarespace’s Instagram channel to educate, entertaining, and adding value through conversations with our audience. We want to reimagine what entrepreneurship means by making it fun and relevant through a social-first lens.

The content produced is a variety of video series, photography and customer spotlights, memes, partnerships, snackable classes, and more. All original content is produced in-house by the multidisciplinary creative team. The above sizzle is work done for Instagram during 2020. I was not involved in the development of the entire collection, as the creative team rotates biannually.


Creative Director
Rebecca Rumble

Design Director
Lucia Orlandi

Senior Brand Designer
Konyin Ayuba
Senior Art Director
Miche Seig

Senior Copywriter
Rose Chirillo

Will Nielsen
Graig Reynolds

Derek Kalisher

Motion Designer
Videl Torres