Jessica Hägg
Design & Art Direction

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Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California. 

Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California.

Squarespace’s Instagram: Empowering Entrepreneurs

Creating inspiring and informative content for a leading website builder's social media platform

Role: Senior Brand Designer
In-House: Squarespace
As the Design Lead for Squarespace's Instagram channel, I played a pivotal role in reimagining entrepreneurship through a social-first lens. We sought to create content that would educate, entertain, and add value to our audience by fostering meaningful conversations. Working with a multidisciplinary creative team, we developed a diverse range of content, including mini-documentaries, photographer features, customer spotlights, memes, and bite-sized classes.

Each content piece was meticulously crafted to resonate with our audience, driving engagement and fostering a sense of community. Our innovative approach transformed Squarespace's Instagram presence, redefining the notion of entrepreneurship and making it more accessible, fun, and relevant for our followers.