Jessica Hägg

Selected works — 
  1. Airbnb Experiences
  2. October
  3. Year in Music
  4. Found Them First
  5. Inside Discovery
  6. Wall Street Journal
  7. Twitter Careers

About me —

I’m a Swedish Brand and Interactive Designer at Airbnb in San Francisco. I previously worked at Stink Studios NYC, Futurniture Stockholm, and studied at Hyper Island in Karlskrona.


2016 — 2017
Role  Designer

             We built a web-based design tool for the Wall Street Journal’s internal Agency Wall Street Journal Custom Studios for them to quickly design, build, and add content to their interactive stories and pitches. The tool will be used to build sites similar to Cocainenomics and Future of Sleep.

My role was to work closely with a user experience designer to establish the features and the flow of the product and collaborate with developers to build it. We did three sprints on this project, first to create an MVP version with very basic functionality, thereafter two updated versions with more complex modules and customization features. We worked very closely with the Wall Street Journal team to make sure the tool was meeting their expectations and needs.

This project was for the Wall Street Journal’s team to use internally only, but I can go more in-depth on the structure of the product in person.