Jessica Hägg
Design & Art Direction

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Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California. 

Swedish born Associate Creative Director based in Berkeley, California.

Spotify's ‘Year in Music’ Experience: Turning Data into Visual Harmony

Visualizing user data and transforming it into a dynamic interactive experience

Role: Designer
Agency: Stink Studios
I had the opportunity to work on Spotify's Year in Music, a digital experience that turned data into personalized insights for over 100 million users. This project served as the precursor to Wrapped, and our goal was to create an engaging platform that would drive traffic to the site through various marketing channels, including digital displays, OOH, video pre-rolls, and cinema spots.

Our team experimented with data visualization and glitch effects, converting them into captivating dynamic artworks using Processing. This innovative approach allowed us to create a unique and visually appealing experience for users, showcasing the top music and moments of 2015 while also paving the way for the future success of Spotify's Wrapped campaigns.